Because I live in a town where "fashion" is practically an unknown term, I either have to travel or depend on online stores to shop for clothes. Online shopping can be risky and so I stick to a few stores that have earned my trust, like Urban Outfitters and Forever 21. I love their clothes, they have reasonable prices and they have a respectable return policy.

Stores I have access to:
-TJ Maxx
-one designer ($$$) boutique
-numerous touristy beach shops

1 hour drive:
-Off Saks Fifth Avenue
-J. Crew
-Nine West

Fortunately, I have family in DC and New York. So all in all, it works out.

I never would have thought to check out JCPenny's selction because I've never been there, but I'm happy I did. Here's a peak into my wishlist:

$39.99 Knit Blazer -I would have guessed more like $80
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$49.99 Ruffle Dress -how Gossip Girl is this?
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$29.99 Riding Pant -favorite!
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$24.99 Long Cardigan -versatile, potentially worth the money
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What do you guys think? If you've shopped here before, was it worth it or do you think I should save my money?


  1. I love the blazer (great price too!) and those riding pants (adorable!). I never really shop at JCPenney, but the stuff you found is super cute.

    Id say buy the pants and blazer and look elsewhere for the other things (you could probably find a better deal on them). Let us know if what you decide. :)

  2. Hi there! thanks for commenting on my site! I feel the same way, I have no access to anything here in Jackson - at least you have TJ, all I can claim is KMart and thats not much to claim! Love the site!

  3. i think the riding pants are the best on the list...the stripey cardi is cute but a bit average. you should try peter harris, loehmann's, fox's, & filene's ! i love bargain hunting ^.^

  4. thanks for your comment :) xx

  5. Hello :) just wanted to drop by and thank you for the lovely comments you left on my blog :) thank you! :) meanwhile, I abosolutely love what you are doing on yours! love your style and the outfits you put together...what can I say, I'm kinda hooked :)
    about your wishlist: i love the blazer! i think you could wear that in some many different ways! then again, the rest of your list is pretty awesome as well ;)

  6. For a girl who lives in a town where fashion is practically unknown, you have got it going on girl! HAHA all your online picks are gorgeous!

  7. My co-worker always shops at JC Penny and finds the greatest stuff, I never think to go there. That dress is adorable, for I love ruffles. And the cardigan is so functional! I love functional items!


  8. I've been lusting after that ruffle dress too!

  9. Hello
    I actually saw the dress in the store and it's gorgeous!
    Definitely order it!
    And the blazer too!
    I love your blog and the photography :)

  10. Before moving to Kansas from California, I wouldn't be caught dead in a JC Penny's. But smaller towns mean fewer options, and I've actually found great pencil skirts, adorable pima cotton blouses, sweater dresses, cute skinny jeans, a scrunch sleeve blazer, and treggings at my local JCP. What's not to love at the cheap cheap prices?